Chris Bishop - Teacher and Performance Coach
Photo by Robert Shabalala

Instrumental Teaching - Brass

As a professional musician since 2005 and with a decade of teaching experience and over 20 years of constant learning as a horn player I am proud to offer a comprehensive knowledge of relevant performance and learning skills.

My instrumental teaching covers all the skills required to understand the mechanics and technical requirements of the instrument and for the successful reading, learning, interpretation and performance of music. My lessons extend to include knowledge of the physical and mental aspects of playing, and the music and performance itself in a wider context.

Practice Skills - Individual or Class teaching

Either individually or in groups based on level, these are not performance classes, as such, although do involve some playing. Concentration is on how to practice, not how a work should sound or be interpreted... read more

Ensemble Coaching

Specialising in woodwind and brass ensemble coaching to professional level, I offer coaching for concerts or performance examinations... read more

Performance Skills Masterclasses - Individual, Ensemble or Class teaching

These masterclasses offer an extension to students' preparations for performance or examination... read more

Education Referees

Sonja Bass - Johannesburg Philharmonic Academy
c/o Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra
63 Main Street South
Randburg 2125, South Africa
+27 (0)82 9291419

Robert Brooks - Executive Director, Music Is A Great Investment (MIAGI)
Private Post Box 13288, The Tramshed,
Pretoria 0126, South Africa
+27 (0)12 3205154



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